Wednesday, 1 August 2012

                                                           I was recently doing the dreaded "school uniform shop" ugh and i was browsing H and M and picking up every thing in sight i saw these beautiful wedges sitting on a shelf just above me and i knew as soon as i touched them i needed them. they were only £24.99 which i personally thought was very cheap! There is quite a bit of a platform at the front but nothing that you couldn't handle. They are suede and then have the two cut outs, one just before the arch of your foot and then one at your heels, they have a patent leather tongue and also a patent leather at the front. The only thing that puts me off these beautiful wedges is that they are suede and if you are out wearing them the rain damages them slightly and i also found it very difficult to walk on grass that isn't flat in resulted into me sitting on the ground, taking them off and walking until it was safe to put them back on haha.

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