Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I need everything on this wish list, the Zara bag is definatly going to be purchased in the next 2 weeks! The Spike Hair Cone from Asos is just beautiful...oh wow i need it just as much as i need everything else on this list!.
I'm leaving next thursday to go to Acapulco, mexico for 3 weeks but i will be blogging while out there, there will be some beautiful places to do OOTD's and they have great shops out there as well.
Lauren x

 1.Knitted Tweedy Jumper - £40.00 TOPSHOP
2.Pins And Needles White Collar sweater Dress - £48.00
3.BDG Printed Rise Zip Trousers - £45.00 OU
4.Spike Hair Cone - £8.00 ASOS
5.Cheap Monday Moral Wine Patent Jodper Shoes - £75.00 OU
6.Cheap Monday Maxi Mini Dress - £50.00 ASOS
7.Zara Office City Bag - £49.99 ZARA.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Im really sorry i havent posted in a while, but i went back to school a couple of weeks ago and i've been busy with that and also work..bleeugh. My laptop has been playing up and hopefully should be back tomorrow so i can put up some OOTD'S and reviews, i find it really difficult to blog from my iPad unless im just having a ramble, like now! So hopefully i can put up a review of disco pant dupe's compared to the real AA ones as i finally got them!!! That should be up tomorrow if the weather is nice but i do live in scotland so i dont have much hope! Lauren x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


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Oversized Boyfriend Coat-£89.00 TOPSHOP.
Gold Stud Suede Clutch-£38.00 TOPSHOP
Ikat Cross Back Dress-£26.00 TOPSHOP
Washed Denim Shirt With Bow Back Detail-£38.00 ASOS
Evil Twin 'the night after' Velvet Jeans-£95.00 ASOS
JC Lita-£120.00 OFFICE

Everyday make-up

This is a post I really wanted to do as i don't wear a lot of make-up everyday, this is just basic so i don't look too crap! Sorry the quality of the photos is crappy, but my camera is playing up at the moment.
The powder i use is Double Wear by Estee Lauder and even though it is pricey at £27.50 it is completely worth it! this powder lasts me 3+ months, so you defiantly get your moneys worth.
The shade i use is 2C1 Pale Almond and that is the lightest shade they do, the coverage is amazing and lasts all day. I have normal to oily skin and this doesn't do patchy round my t-zone at all.
The blusher i use is by Natural Collection and i use the shade Pink Cloud and i love this blusher, its quite rosey and i like that because i'm very pale it stands out more and looks quite natural, this blusher is so cheap i think roughly it was £1.99? But i cant quite remember.
Finally, the mascara i use is by Rimmel and its called Volume Flash x10 and i use the shade 001 black. I've used this mascara for about 3 years and every time i have bought a different one to try i always always go back to this one. It really spreads your lashes and really adds a lot of volume, i just love it, i don't have a negative thing to say about it really! I think roughly it is about £6.00 maybe a bit more.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


                                               STUDDED SPIKE BRACELET £3.00
                                                                 TRIANGLE RING - £2.00
                                               EAR CUFF WITH SILVER CROSS - £1.50
                                              MAKE A WISH RING - PEACE - £1.50
                                                     ABOVE KNUCKLE RING -FREE
                                            ARROW HEAD STONE NECKLACE - £2.50
I came across this site by accident and i thought i might as well browse while im here, i never expected to fall in love with everything they make! I was very very very happy with their prices, topshop would try and sell these things at £6+ so that made me want to order even more.
The first picture is the packaging and all the items, it came in a small brown cardboard box and pink tissue paper and then another bag inside that.
I ordered on Monday and they arrived Saturday so i didn't have to wait long, nothing was damaged or broken when it was delivered.
The only bad thing about 'KUKEE' is that the ring sizes are very small, i have quite long thin fingers and one of the rings is a tad tight but nothing that cant be solved.

If you would like to place an order or just browse their items visit :

Lauren x


As this is my first blog outfit post i would really appreciate if people could give me some feedback on it, because this is my first blog, i'm not sure if my background should be plain ect?
Anyway, the other day in Scotland the weather was beautiful. I had a driving lesson and i wanted to be comfy so i took my over sized two tone jumper and layered my white collard sleeveless shirt underneath, i also wore my monochrome leggings and new creepers.

JUMPER: Primark     LEGGINGS: River Island     SHIRT:Topshop     BAG:amzon   CREEPERS:amazon   SUNGLASSES: H&M

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Every month when i get paid i say 'Right this month i will buy disco pants' or 'This month i will buy platform trainers' and then i spend it on other crap i don't need. So this is my wish list at the moment, i am dying to get a pair of Disco Pants but i cant justify spending £70 on a pair of leggings? (no matter how beautiful they are)

DRESS:Topshop £36.00 JACKET:Topshop £65.00
DISCO PANTS:American apparel £70.00  SHOES:Asos £25.00 RED SATCHEL:Cambridge satchel company £100.00